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Work smarter with TeleMagic software, the tool you need to succeed!

TeleMagic Outlook

TeleMagic and Outlook 2003 together for the first time.

Logs Outlook 2003 emails to Telemagic Contacts.

     Outgoing and Incoming
     Create Activity record and/or Notepad Stamp
     Works even when TeleMagic is closed
     It's automatic - no user effort

Build emails in Outlook - use any feature like HTML
Send with TeleMagic email icon or directly from Outlook 2003
Send Mass emails using telemagic filters and field merge
It's a real COM Add-In - no security issues

New features:

  • address email from a TeleMagic contact list while in Outlook
  • merge fields from parent records
  • notepad stamp format change

Add on Magic Outlook to your existing TeleMagic V4 or V5 $395 for first 5 users and $97 for each additional user.


TeleMagic Demo TeleMagic Demo

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